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Where wilderness & community converge and guests become family


Untamed beauty, wildlife and vibrant communities

At Jumbo Junction, our passion for the delta drives us to protect and preserve its precious ecosystem for future generations. Our Kroon Family together with our loyal Jack Russell companions, embarked on a mission to create a haven where guests can experience the wonders of the delta while actively contributing to its conservation.

Located at the top of the delta, Jumbo Junction enjoys a privileged position as the first to receive the life-giving floodwaters and the last to bid them farewell. This unique area attracts an abundance of wildlife, offering guests unparalleled opportunities to witness awe-inspiring interactions. Here, majestic elephants traverse the wetlands, lions roam the vast plains, and leopards reveal their elusive beauty. The waterways come alive with the sounds of hippos, while giraffes gracefully move through the landscape. Jumbo Junction allows wildlife enthusiasts to witness the splendour of nature and encounter a diverse array of animals with fewer crowds compared to other areas of the Okavango Delta.

We are deeply connected to the surrounding communities. We empower the local people by employing them and investing in their growth. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the environment. Through partnerships with organizations like Eco Exist and CLAWS, we actively support conservation initiatives and contribute to community development projects.

At Jumbo Junction, we believe in crafting an authentic and immersive safari experience. Our knowledgeable guides, who grew up in the area, possess an intimate understanding of the delta’s rhythms and wildlife movements. They ensure unforgettable journeys, whether on game drives, mokoro trips, boat excursions, guided walks, or thrilling helicopter flips.

For those seeking a deeper connection with the local communities, we open the doors to nearby villages and schools. Here, guests can engage with vibrant cultures and witness the positive impact of responsible tourism. Our partners, Eco Exist and CLAWS, located just a stone’s throw away, offer firsthand experiences in wildlife research and conservation.

Amidst this breathtaking wilderness, Jumbo Junction provides an oasis of luxury and comfort. Our two chalets and seven tents offer privacy and stunning vistas. The main space features a comfortable lounge and dining area, fostering shared stories and new friendships. The swimming pool and deck invite guests to unwind and soak in the delta’s tranquillity.

Our meals at Jumbo Junction are crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, supporting the camp’s own farm and nearby farmers. Each bite captures the vibrant flavours of the delta, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes. Dining at Jumbo Junction is an opportunity to savour exceptional cuisine while immersing yourself in the magical ambience of the delta.

We are deeply rooted in the local culture and strive to preserve and showcase the traditions of the region. Guided visits to nearby villages provide encounters with friendly locals, cultural performances, and storytelling sessions that illuminate the rich heritage of the Okavango Delta. Jumbo Junction fosters cultural exchange, allowing guests to appreciate the intrinsic value of this remarkable land and its people.

Embark on a journey to Jumbo Junction, where wilderness, community, and the bond between humans and animals converge. As you explore the untamed wonders of the delta, be prepared to have your heart captured, forever entwined with the spirit of this extraordinary place.


What’s in
the name?

Jumbo Junction sits at the meeting point of two major elephant corridors in the northern Okavango Delta. This unique place, where a large number of elephants gather, led to its fitting name – Jumbo Junction! It offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the Okavango Delta. Ecoexist, an NGO involved in elephant research, collared 50+ elephants and collected data for 2 years, establishing these corridors. They worked with the Tawana Land Board to prevent land grants or leases within a certain distance from these corridors to minimise conflicts between elephants and humans.


Our Team

From the moment you arrive at Jumbo Junction you will experience the dedication and commitment of our outstanding team.

There are guides who will reveal the secrets of the Okavango Delta by opening the door to a world of wild beauty and fascinating stories around every corner.

Then, you’ll experience the camp staff who ensure your visit is outstanding in every way – the food, the drinks, your room, the lounge, the crackling fires, the snacks during thrilling game drives, and so much more.

All taken care of by our awesome team at Jumbo Junction!

We look forward to welcoming you to our world.




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