About the Okavango Delta

If you're planning a safari to Africa the Okavango Delta has to be up there on your bucket list. This is one of the last untouched wilderness areas remaining on earth. Situated in the northern parts of Botswana, the Okavango Delta is a beautiful, wild safari...

Adopt A Baobab

The majestic Baobab tree is an African icon that is instantly recognisable by it's massive trunk and root-like branches. The Bushman called them the 'upside down tree' as the branches resemble roots of a tree. The Baobab is a prehistoric tree species, predating both...

Saving the lions of Northern Okavango

Lions are an icon of the Africa savanna, yet recent surveys show drastic declines in their populations across the continent. People fear living with lions and potential losses to livestock. As human populations expand, the range of lions and their prey have declined,...

How to prepare for a Botswana safari

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is arguably one of the most sought-after safari destinations in the world. A visit to the Okavango allows visitors to experience the world’s largest inland delta that is completely surrounded by dry arid desert-like habitat. This...

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About Us.

Jumbo Junction. Redefining Safari. 

For the curious, the adventurous, strong in character and a little crazy, we have something new for you. A haven made up of natural wild authentic spaces, where you will have the opportunity to truly disconnect, adopt responsible travel and rake in those once-in-a-lifetime memories feeding your Instagram with real wilderness experiences. Get ready for a Botswana Okavango Delta safari.

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Redefine Safari.

We are shifting the traditional concept of Safari. Bold, unconventional experiences are the new safari; encounters that will unlock the imaginations of you, the discerning, responsible and adventurous traveller.

A perfect balance of adventure, culture and relaxation. Get up close and personal to The Lion Project – CLAWS. Get involved in our tree protection initiative – Adopt A Baobab. Visit the local village school, visit the Kgotla Chief and join in the dancing and drum beating in the evening around a fire. A surprise guest to camp – an extraordinary and rare opportunity to experience the cultural richness of the “Bukakhwe” San Bushmen, visiting from the nearby Gudigwa Village.

Of course you haven’t truly experienced the Okavango Delta without gliding across the water by mokoro, and discovering the exceptional wildlife on a guided nature walk and open vehicle safaris – which we, Jumbo Junction, include in our full offering as well as boat and fishing safaris. It is a fact that Jumbo Junction offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the Okavango, with more variety and greater numbers than in the South and West – a true Botswana Okavango Delta safari experience.

What’s In The Name?

Uniquely situated in the northern reaches of the Okavango Delta, Jumbo Junction is smack-bang at the meeting point of two major elephant corridors.

So when a whole lot of ‘Jumbos’ meet at the ‘Junction’ of two major migratory routes it’s only apt to name that unique place #JumboJunction!

This area offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the Okavango Delta. Ecoexist, an NGO that is involved in elephant research, collared 50+ elephants and collected data for 2 years establishing these corridors.

They then managed to get buy in from the Tawana Land Board to not issue any land grants or leases within a certain distance to these corridors.

The idea is to minimise elephant/human conflict.

The research done by Ecoexist proves that the elephants prefer to travel from the north of us to the Delta for water bringing large numbers of elephants to the camp!

There is the added bonus of a year-round combination of water- and land based activities due to the ideal location of the lodge in close proximity to the deep channels that feed the rest of the Okavango Delta. We look forward to introduce you to our wilderness haven of tranquility, wildness and beauty… 

Conservation Projects.


CLAWS (Communities Living Among Wildlife Sustainably) employs innovative approaches to promote human-wildlife coexistence. Our Jumbo Junction-based program began in 2014 as a response to poisoning that killed 50% of the lion population along the northern edge of the Okavango Delta. Since our community based work began we have seen a significant change for good.

Community & Wildlife

A team of specialists work with the communities most impacted by human-wildlife conflicts. The approach is two fold – firstly to protect the livestock by offering hands-on solutions to promote coexistence with wildlife, and secondly to protect the habitat of the Okavango Delta & the wildlife that move into the community wildlife conservancy areas.


Jumbo Junction is blessed to be located at the point where two elephant corridors meet. But the sheer number of elephants put pressure on the local vegetation (especially large trees). We have started a Baobab tree initiative to protect this tree species on the islands of the Okavango Delta near Jumbo Junction. We are committed to conserving hundreds of Baobabs in the area. 

Experience the Okavango.

A visit to Jumbo Junction leaves you in awe of this incredible wilderness haven. Experience the beauty of its wildlife, scenery and people. Get a glimpse of what a visit to Jumbo Junction can be like…

Our Team.

From the moment you arrive at Jumbo Junction you will experience the dedication & commitment of our outstanding team. 

There are the guides who will reveal the secrets of the Okavango Delta by opening the door to a world of wild beauty and fascinating stories around every corner.

Then you’ll experience the camp staff who ensure your visit is outstanding in every way – the food, the drinks, your room, the lounge, the fire, the snacks while on game drive.

All taken care of by our awesome team at Jumbo Junction!

We look forward to welcome you to our world.  

Rediscover Adventure.

We offer our guests a wide variety of activities to experience the incredible sights & sounds in and around Jumbo Junction. It’s time to awaken the adventurer in you…





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      We had amazing welcome song by the staff and the service was phenomenal. It was my birthday and the staff put a lot of attention to details, arranging the rooms... read more

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      Jumbo Junction was a great place for a couple of days R&R whilst driving across the northern panhandle. They were hugely helpful with us and our vehicles as well as... read more

  •   Jumbo Junction is located along the northern section of the Okavango Delta, the most beautiful part of Africa. In my decade of living and working around East and Southern Africa,... read more


      We had the best game drivers in the world: Two Boy and Monoso. These guys had eyes in the back of their heads and knew their territory very well. This... read more

  •   Our stay at Jumbo Junction was definitely the highlight of our visit to Africa. Greg and Sue are wonderful hosts. Baruti and Twoboy were absolutely fantastic on... read more


      First time to Africa/Botswana and Greg, Susan and their staff made it an unforgettable experience. Truly appreciated all the warmth and care that made our stay perfect - from the... read more

    Trang T
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      Our trip here was absolutely amazing! Sue and Greg were great hosts along with their fabulous staff. They made our stay here bliss. The food for breakfast, lunch, high tea... read more

    Kathy L
  •   We spent a few days in Jumbo junction in early May this year and it has been wonderful.
    The staff of the camp, above all Greg and Sue, took very... read more

    M S

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