• Mokoro (canoe)
  • Village Tours
  • Conservation Tours
  • Motorised boating trips
  • Game drives
  • Guided nature walks
  • Exceptional bird watching opportunities
  • Fishing
  • Helicopter flips (rates on request)

Daily Activity

(can / and will be changed to tailor the needs of our guests.)


05h30/06h00 – Early Morning wake-up call with coffee and rusks

06h00/06h30 – Leave for morning activity – approx. 5-6 hours – Mainly Game Drives

09h30 – Packed Breakfast with team and coffee on Game Drive

13h00/13h30 – Lunch in camp. If guests are on full day activity, lunch will be prepared in the bush.

15h30/16h00 – High Tea in Dining Area

16h00 /16h30 – Afternoon activity for about 2hrs – generally boat cruises, mokoro trips, bush walks or fishing.

18h00/18h30 – Arrive at lodge

19h00/19h30 – Dinner in Dining Area

Game Viewing Guidelines

Game-viewing activities are led by experienced guides who will accompany guests on canoe (mokoro), motorboat, and game-drive vehicle explorations of the Okavango.

Switch Off & Tune In

Disconnect from your busy lifestyle and fully embrace the last Edens of Africa during your safari. Take time on an early morning game drive to listen to the surrounding sounds and breathe in the scent of the bush. We recommend switching your phone to airplane mode, using only the camera function during your trip.

When and What Game Drive to Do

The best game viewing occurs at first light or dusk when animals adhere to their schedules. Even if you’re not a morning person, waking up early for a game drive is worthwhile, as it’s often the prime time for predator sightings.

Safety and Security

Our professional guides prioritise your safety and well-being. Pay attention to safety briefings, avoid leaning over the vehicle or leaving it without instructions, and keep your voice down to respect animals and fellow guests.

Teaming Up with Your Guide

Engage with your guide and ask questions freely. Point out anything you spot while on the move, as your guide focuses on the road. Our guides are eager to help you complete “The Jumbo Junction Species Checklist” of birds and wildlife in the area.

Be Patient

While the Okavango Delta is renowned for its wildlife, there are no guarantees of seeing everything. Our guides will utilise their tracking skills to find the animals you wish to see, while you enjoy the scenic landscapes.


If you have any concerns that may affect your experience, communicate them to your guide or the camp manager. They will make adjustments to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Pack Right

Comfort is key during the potentially 5-hour game drive.

• Wear neutral-coloured clothing to blend with the surroundings.

• Bring a warm layer for early morning and late evening drives.
Blankets are provided but dress accordingly.

• Wear comfortable walking shoes.

• Protect your head with a wide-brimmed hat in summer
and a warm hat or beanie in winter.

• Apply sunblock and wear sunglasses.

• Carry a good camera with spare batteries.

• Bring high-quality binoculars (ideally one pair per person).

• Use a sealable bag to hold your belongings during the drive.

• Bring headlamps and flashlights for night drives.

Bush Walk Guidelines

Walking in the bush offers enlightening and exciting experiences, providing unique observations of the animals in their natural habitat. Follow your guide in a single file, allowing you to focus on the smaller details and often overlooked wildlife. While covering less ground on foot, there is still a chance to encounter elephants, antelopes, and other animals. Before each walk, we explain five simple rules for your safety and enjoyment.

Single File

Walk in single file, with the lead and backup guides going ahead to identify any potential dangers. Moving as a unified group reduces the risk of separation.


Stay behind the guides at all times. By having both guides at the front, where the most likely danger may arise, we maintain an extra level of vigilance and protection.

Silence is Golden

Walk in silence to embrace the tranquillity of the bush. The quieter you are, the better your chances of spotting animals. Silence also allows you to hear any potential dangers ahead.

Listen & Obey

Follow the guide’s commands promptly and without hesitation.

Never Run

Under no circumstances should you run. Running triggers a predator’s instinct, even in non-threatening situations. Running identifies you as prey and can escalate encounters.

Mokoro Activities

All guides have a valid specialist guide’s licence. In addition, they have grown up in the Delta and have years of experience negotiating the Delta waters and a good knowledge of the wildlife and the area. The Head Poler will give the guests a detailed brief on safety and what to expect on the trip. The Head Poler will take the lead and will not put you in a dangerous situation. If you encounter elephants, hippos or other potentially dangerous animals remember your poler will provide the animal with enough space to ensure the animal’s comfort zone is not compromised.

Scenic Flight

Our scenic/photography flights are an opportunity not to miss. Moments after departing, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views seen only from a helicopter. Experience the crystal-clear water channels meandering their way through lagoons while journeying deep into the lush green flood plains to explore the abundant wildlife of the Okavango region. We take the doors off for an even better photographic experience while flying over some of the most remote, uninhabited and wild areas of the Okavango Delta.

Scenic flights are conducted any time of day, with keen photographers usually preferring the early morning or late afternoon. While some guests prefer flying during the siesta period in order to not miss other camp activities. We have a designated landing area on the outside, northern edge of the camp, and we offer scenic chopper flights with Helicopter Horizons. Our guides have been briefed on the safety protocols of approaching the helicopter.

(Note: not included in FI packages). 

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