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With the selection of activities on offer, you are sure to have an unbelievable water and wildlife experience. The Okavango Delta is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and ensures an up close and personal experience with the amazing fauna and flora.

Our location in the Northern Okavango Delta allows for both land and water activities.

All activities are conducted by our experienced guides who we employ from the local community which also ensures that all guides have an advantage of local knowledge of the area.

4×4 Game Drive

Enjoy sightings of the varied wildlife the concession has to offer from the comfort of the open 4×4 off road game drive vehicle.

Stop along the way with your experienced guide on a morning game drive, sip on a mug of “Game Ranger” coffee with a breakfast sandwich or toast the spectacular sunset with a gin and tonic and bar snacks.

Mokoro (Dugout Canoe)

A mokoro activity is an iconic Okavango Delta activity; you will be guided by your specialist guide poler into shallow waters where a boat cannot reach.

Glide silently through the reeds and water lily “fields” and observe the wonderful aquatic flora and fauna, the pods of hippos wallowing in the channels and other game along the water’s edge.

Boat Safaris

Boating through the water channels will provide access to the concession for game drives during the wet season or just enjoy a leisurely boat trip down the water channels.

Observe the spectacular aquatic birdlife, especially during the months of August and September. Sip on a sundowner while you drift down the channel whilst enjoying the scenery and game sightings.


The Okavango Delta provides delightful fishing between the months of March and September. Try your hand at fishing for Tillapea, fly fishing for Tillapea and African Pike.


Botswana is a photographer’s dream destination! With spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife encounters and fascinating people this is the ideal location for a photographic safari. Jumbo Junction is ideally situated to offer you a unique photographic safari experience.

Guided Walks

This is a unique way to discover the bush. Our experienced guide will take you on a leisurely walk where time is spent observing the smaller details in the bush that one would normally miss on a game drive. Bush walks are dependent on the weather and the terrain at the time.

Conservation Tours


Experience our captivating Conservation Tours, combining CLAWS and EcoExist to showcase remarkable wildlife and community management. Join us for a morning or afternoon activity merging both tours into one enriching experience.

CLAWS focuses on cattle farming and lion conservation, coinciding with the late afternoon return of cattle to the Boma. Witness fascinating boma structures and learn about lion collaring for monitoring and community safety. Engage with CLAWS members who passionately explain conflict management strategies between cattle farmers and lions.

EcoExist invites you to their satellite station just 5 kilometres from our camp. Discover their meticulous approach to mitigating conflicts between elephants and crop farmers. Engage in a comprehensive briefing on techniques like electric fencing and farmer relocation, ensuring harmonious coexistence.

At Jumbo Junction, responsible tourism is our belief. For each guest on these enlightening tours, we allocate $50.00 to each NGO, totalling $100.00 for CLAWS and EcoExist. Your contribution directly supports their vital conservation and community development work.

Village Tours

Experience the Village Tour, immersing you in the vibrant Delta communities. Hop on a traditional donkey cart to Gunotsoga, our closest village. Discover their daily lives and rich culture.

Visit key landmarks like the local clinic and primary school. Immerse yourself in the traditional village atmosphere at the kgotla.

Conclude the tour at a delightful local “coffee shop,” savouring authentic flavours that showcase the community’s culinary traditions.

At Jumbo Junction, we prioritise community upliftment. Your participation in the Village Tour contributes $50.00 to community development initiatives, fostering sustainable growth and realising their aspirations.

Helicopter Flips


Experiencing the Okavango Delta from the comfort of a helicopter is a unique and exhilarating activity.

With the doors removed, the photographic opportunities are incredible, and you’ll spot many wildlife species while exploring the delta from a bird’s eye view.

at Jumbo Junction

Jumbo Junction is your gateway to wildlife wonder. Situated on the northern reaches of the Okavango Delta, known particularly for its lions, the concession offers a diverse game viewing experience with large concentrations of wildlife year-round. We are neighbours to the renowned Duba Plains and Vumbura concessions. Jumbo Junction provides you access to a 220,000 acre unfenced concession just waiting to be explored.

& Community

We encourage visits to our partners, Eco Exist and CLAWS, located just a stone’s throw away from the camp, where guests can witness first-hand the remarkable efforts in wildlife research and conservation. Experience the Village Tour, immersing you in the vibrant Delta communities. Hop on a traditional donkey cart to Gunotsoga, our closest village. Discover their daily lives and rich culture.

Conservation Projects

Lion Research

CLAWS (Communities Living Among Wildlife Sustainably) employ innovative approaches to promote human-wildlife coexistence. Our Seronga-based programme began in 2014 as a response to poisoning that killed 50% of the lion population along the northern edge of the Okavango Delta. Since our community-based work began, we have seen a meaningful change for good.

Community & Wildlife

A team of specialists work with the communities most impacted by human-wildlife conflicts. The approach is twofold – firstly, to protect the livestock by offering hands-on solutions to promote coexistence with wildlife, and secondly, to protect the habitat of the Okavango Delta and the wildlife that move into the community wildlife conservancy areas.


The Ecoexist Project seeks to reduce conflict and foster coexistence between elephants and people. In areas of heightened competition for access to water, food, and space, we find and facilitate solutions that work for both species.

Our Location

Jumbo Junction, nestled in the open system conservation areas of the Northern Okavango Delta, serves as a gateway to this remarkable region. Located on the Mapula Concession or the Okavango Sekwana Concession, our lodge is positioned in the north of the Okavango Delta, adjacent to the renowned Duba Plains and Vumbura Plains concessions. Spanning an expansive 220,000 acres, this conservancy encompasses the upper reaches of the Selinda Spillway, connecting the Okavango Delta and the Linyanti River. Within this pristine landscape, Jumbo Junction stands as one of the top-notch new Delta safari camps.

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